How to Watch Packers vs Vikings NFL 2020 Live Stream Online

The COVID 19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc in the sporting world. Sports activities have ground to a halt. Football fans around America are eager for the 2020 season to start. Seems the virus has no regard for football among Americans. Among the most awaited fixtures of the 2020 season will be the games between Minnesota Vikings and the Green Bay Packers. It remains to be seen in due course whether we will see The Packers Star Quarter Back Aaron Rodgers set foot at the US Bank Stadium, dawning the Green and Gold of the Green Bay. His contract situation is yet to be resolved. Assuming that it is resolved, the Pandemic may still see the season postponed or reorganized.

A new season comes with excitement and optimism, as every team adds on to the history of their franchises. Local derbies and border battles only add to the intensity of the opening weekend of the season. One of the most anticipated border battles is the clash between the Packers vs Vikings. After the Minnesota Vikings released their 2020 schedule, supporters and fans alike were ecstatic at the September 13th derby where they will host the Green Bay Packers. The two teams have clashed six times before on the opening weekend of the season, but all these meetings have happened at the Lambeau Field in Green Bay. This is the first time that the clash will be happening at the US Bank Stadium in Minnesota. Minnesota has been privileged in the recent past to start the last four seasons at home.

Packers vs Vikings

These two proud NFL franchises have clashed in the recent past to create a compelling rivalry. The great Minnesota Vikings and the ever-pressing Green Bay Packers have contested the NFC North crown in the recent past. The two teams had clashed over the decades beginning in 1968 when they were both members of the NFC central. Over the years and decades, the tie has been arguably matched and has created memorable moments and produced some star players.

Among the most divisive star players was Brett Favre. The Packers boasted for many years of their talisman. He played for the Packers for 16 seasons between 1992 and 2007. He won three consecutive MVP awards and appeared in two Super bowls with the Packers. He won one Super Bowl XXXI and lost the next Super Bowl XXXII. Despite his start-studded career, Mayweather vs Logan Paul live stream Favre did sign with the Minnesota Vikings later in his career to the anger and disappointment of the Green Bay faithful. The signing of Favre by the Viking only intensified the rivalry between the two teams. The Vikings have had players such as Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss, who matched the packers for their strength.

On a Monday night in 2009, Brett Favre faced his old team for the first time. Emotions were high, and the Packers were desperate to show their former player that they were doing well without him. Brett Favre, on the other hand, had unfinished business with the Packers. He needed to show the world that he still had it in him despite age creeping upon him. The Vikings won that day, 30-23. A few weeks later, there was to be a rematch between the two sides. Again, The Vikings won.

The two teams are 257 miles apart. In American sports, that is not far at all as some teams are thousands of miles apart. This means that team supporters can travel across the state to watch their team play in an away match. This intensifies the rivalry and stadium experience since the home support of one team does not overwhelm the support of the away team. The Home team may have greater support at home, but the distance between the two teams makes it easy for the away team to have substantial support in the stadium, thereby diluting the home support of the host team.

Packers vs. Vikings 2020 schedule

The Minnesota Vikings will host The Green Bay Packers on 13th September 2020 at the US Bank Stadium. The weather is usually warm as the autumn season settles in. It is a good time to play football and enjoy the great outdoors in Minnesota before the cold winter kicks in. It can be snowy and cold in Minnesota during the winter season. This is why the US Bank Stadium has a roof and dodge the perennial problem of postponing games due to frozen fields. The Stadium also experienced blizzards and high-speed winds that can ruin a football game experience. Therefore, most teams cross their fingers that they get to play Minnesota Vikings earlier in the season when the weather is warmer and more favorable for sports actions. The reverse fixture will see the Green Bay Packers host the Minnesota Vikings on the 1st of November 2020 at the Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The weather by early November gets cold as winter announces its arrival. Though it will still be the beginning of winter, making it possible to play in the open-ended Lambeau Field. The field lacks a roof though the field hardly freezes over in the winter. About 40 years ago, the Lambeau Field froze so badly that it was nicknamed the ‘Frozen Tundra.’ The technology was installed to heat the field of play to ensure it does not freeze over again. Frozen fields lead to losses for sports franchises as they lose revenue from ticket sales, bar, and food in the stadiums, brand exposure, TV and Broadcast rights, etc.


This schedule can change at any time, considering the unprecedented times we live in. The COVID 19 pandemic has halted many sporting schedules around the world. The F1 season has had to rearrange the season schedule with various leagues around the world, announcing a premature end to their seasons. It is, therefore, likely that these schedules may change. It is also not clear whether there will be fans in the stadiums for these games. The main European leagues, such as the Spanish La Liga and the English Premier League, have resumed, but games can only be played behind closed doors. This means no fans are allowed in the stadiums. This has a massive effect on the added motivation of Home advantage that most teams leverage on. This is because most fields are standard, which makes no difference wherever you play. However, the fans can give the home team extra motivation to push harder in a game and can be demotivating to the visiting side.

What we know is that the 2020 season will be played. The question is how many games you can attend at the stadiums. With restrictions on movement and, more specifically, Air Travel, you are most likely going to watch the new season at the comfort of your couch at home. A change in rescheduling and time and place for various games in the season can also lead to broadcast challenges, which means Prime-time schedules are not guaranteed. You may also find yourself in a different city, state, or even country and are not able to move or travel back in time to tune in to your local broadcast channel.

Therefore, to ensure you do not miss a single minute of these games, ensure to have some good internet connection to leverage eon live stream services. TV broadcast may not be guaranteed, and what we can all be sure is that one way or the other, pandemic or no pandemic, when the games are played, there will be some form of a live stream.

What TV Channel will the NFL Packers vs. Vikings 2020 be on?

To not lose out market share, sports broadcasting networks have invested in their live stream channels. This is to ensure that you can access their content from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection.

For the National audience, the game should be available on Fox. Fox is available from any part of the country. Therefore, should you find yourself outside of the two states, then you can tune in to Fox sports to watch the game live. Daryl Johnson may be there to provide the analysis, whereas Chris Myers will comment on the play-by-play call for the packers. Laura Okmin is likely to report from the sidelines as she did last year.

If you are in Green Bay, you can watch the game from the WLUK channel. The channel is available in Green Bay and will have the game available for the Green Bay residents who will have an interest in enjoying the game between the two franchises via broadcast.


For those in Minneapolis, you can tune in to KMSP. The channel is available in the Minneapolis area and has rights to broadcast the game to the residence of Minneapolis
Should you be interested in listening to the game via Radio broadcast, then you will need to tune in to Sirius channel 83 XM Channel 226 in Green Bay. If in Minnesota, then you can catch the games broadcast on Sirius Channel 99 and XM channel 386.

ESPN has a dedicated live stream channel for all the major sports around the world, including the NFL. In their website, you will see tabs on live streams where you can narrow down to your preferred sport and preferred game.
Other Broadcast networks such as,, and have dedicated links to their websites for live streaming. So choose your favorite broadcast network and commentator, then go to their website and click on the live stream link.

Where and how can I watch Packers vs. Vikings NFL 2020 live stream?

fuboTV may be the best link to Livestream the game. There numerous links online where you can view the game. However, many are unverified and may have Ads that will keep interfering with the feed. They can also be taken down, or shut down anytime and are therefore unreliable links.

There are also sports betting companies that have links on their websites for live streaming of games. Most will require you to register with them through this easy to do on their websites. Examples include Bet365 live on, SportsBetting, and Intertops.

Other reliable ways to watch the Vikings vs Packers are through the team’s websites. Each team in the NFL has a website that is consistently updated with the latest news on the franchise. News such as the financial position of the franchise. Injury news on players and their contracts, fixture schedules and results, and so much more. These websites now have dedicated links to every football game that involves their team in the regular season. You can, therefore, watch the games via Livestream through the team’s websites. The Vikings Website and the Packers website have links to live games. However, the link may only go live at the time nearing Kickoff. This means the link may be down or have no content during the offseason.

There are orthodox websites that contain links to various broadcast houses that broadcast sports all around the world. These links can come in handy if you are in a country where certain broadcast networks have blocked live streaming. When you try live streaming while in some countries around the world, you are likely to encounter the error message, ‘Livestream blocked’ or ‘your country is not enabled to access this site.’ These orthodox sites do provide links to access these broadcast networks. The downside to them is that your Livestream is likely to be interrupted by numerous Ads that can be annoying and can take time to reconnect once you cancel the Ad.

How much are tickets to Packers vs. Vikings game?

Tickets are available online or in various shops around the stadium and cities. Their costs may vary depending on the seat positions in the stadium. The closer you are to the action, the more expensive it gets. There are watching booths and VIP areas in the stadiums that, of course, cost a lot more. Different websites may show different prices, but the difference should not be too far apart. By comparing various prices on different sites and shops, it should be easy to estimate the price of a ticket to the games. The games mainly take place in either of the two stadiums, i.e., the Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field or the US Bank Stadium in Minnesota. This is unless the team meets again further along in the competition, such as the Super Bowl final.

The tickets can be available for as low as $70 in the secondary market and can sometimes go to as high as $987. Some people buy tickets to games and for one reason or the other are unable to make it to the game. You can get these tickets on the cheap and experience the Packers vs. Viking’s derby. However, the average price for a ticket should be around $160. With this price, you can comfortably enter the stadium and enjoy the game from good seats that provide you a vantage point to view the game. Viewing the game is not the only reason why people buy tickets to games. You can always view it from your couch. The atmosphere is what makes the experience memorable.

The fashion and artwork on display on game day is quite appealing as it is mostly inspired by support for the teams playing, mostly the Home team. Sports paraphernalia is also available and can be a souvenir to take home with you and remind you of the experience. The noise and cheering songs also give you a wave of optimism and happiness. Jokes, songs, and sports banter can be quite funny and adds to the experience. Beer and adrenalin-filled action from the field make the experience a once in a lifetime opportunity and can be quite addictive.

Therefore the ticket prices should not scare you away or put you off. It is worth every dime.
A Vikings and Packers game is one that should be on every sports fans bucket list. Few rivalries can give you this experience. The 2020 season is another opportunity for the history books to turn a new page and continue to document this derby.